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Going above and beyond with loyalty

BrandPosted by Mubina 06 Oct, 2018 10:56PM

Loyalty is a key part of a company's revenue, as recurring customers are the core of any business. They ensure that the business keeps going every month and every year. Therefore the more recurring customers that a company can keep, the better base revenue they know they will have.

The question is how do you keep those core customers for life?

Loyalty is one of the aspects that ensures that your core customers, or passengers, remain loyal to your company for as long as possible. Service, honesty, timely delivery and many other factors also contribute to this.

Loyalty programmes therefore have to be designed in a way that gives passengers what they want, so that you can get what you want. In order to find that balance, many companies use incentives, such as free or discounted products, to keep customers interested.

Some examples are:


Throughout the year, or at key promotional points, Subway will give their loyalty scheme members enough points to be able to get free items. To celebrate the kick-off of the NFL London games, they gave all members enough points for free nachos.


Starbucks used to give customers free drinks sporadically throughout the year, or at key promotional periods. They would also notify loyalty scheme members about new drinks 48 hour before they announced them publicly and would allow loyalty scheme members to order them by saying the name of the drink to the barista.

However free and discounted products have become the norm, with customers wanting more in exchange for their loyalty. Millennials and centennials in particular are demanding this from companies, to provide better loyalty programmes, that still benefit the company and the customer.

But how do you do it? How can you improve your loyalty scheme, whilst still providing benefit for your company?

The answer?


Experiences are very important to young people. If it is Instagrammable, it is perfect!

Experiences can be done on a low budget, but generate a lot of ROI, especially in the age of social media that we are in. An experience that happens in London, could generate revenue for your company in South Africa. The way that news travels now, means that with little investment, you can create big impact.

A great example of this is Virgin Atlantic's collaboration with Aviation Gin and London Cocktail Week. They have created a booth at London Cocktail Week and asked visitors to the booth to use the hashtag #CocktailsInTheClouds. After roughly one day, they have generated 959 posts. The event runs for two days.

It's not just experiences. Exclusivity is also a great way to attract people to stay.

If customers are getting something before anyone else, they tend to be more likely to be loyal as well. Bragging rights are very real!

Making your loyalty scheme seem as though it is an elite club, that not just anyone can enter, gives customers a level of superiority that they feel they can use to show off. This works out well for the company, because when they brag to their friends, their friends will also want to join. A true win win situation!

So think about how your loyalty scheme can work for your customers, whether it is a focus on exclusivity, experiences or even something else. Do what works for your brand and your customers.

If you need some guidance, let me know. I would be happy to help!

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