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Making transfers easier for passengers

Passenger ExperiencePosted by Mubina 01 Oct, 2018 05:13PM
In search for cheaper flights, a holiday within a holiday, a love for miles or another reason, passengers often choose flights with layovers/transfers, meaning they have to go from one gate to the other.

Layovers/Transfers can be hard, depending on the airport. If the airport is very large and long, such as DXB (Dubai International Airport), things can get tricky. However with smaller airports, such as LHR (London Heathrow Airport), things are easier. (Not saying LHR is tiny! 😊)

Making sure passengers get to where they need to go quickly is important for airports.

Therefore, the efforts made by airlines to simplify the process are always welcomed. From showing the gates that transfer flights are taking off from, just before landing, to giving transfer passengers the necessary information needed before they enter, all help to make the transfer as smooth as possible and save them from missing their flight.

Measures in place that I have come across are:

- showing the gates that transfer passengers need to go to, in order to catch their connecting flight, on the IFE screen just after landing

- bright and clear signage to direct passengers to the right transfer areas

- staff stood in high passenger traffic areas, to be present and guide

- informational videos on where to go and what to do when you land

- dedicated security terminals for transfer passengers

These are features that I have seen. What are some of the features that you have seen?

I think airlines and airports are working together well to ensure transfer passengers are dealt with correctly and swiftly, from security to gate guidance.

However, there is still a lot of innovation that could happen within this space though, from the use of robotics to in-airport transportation.

What do you think?

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