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The importance of cabin crew

BrandPosted by Mubina 15 Sep, 2018 06:59PM

Cabin crew are amazing. They are guardians, safety officials, waiters and waitresses and a key part of each and every passenger's journey.

I believe cabin crew are actually one of the most important elements of an entire passenger's journey, if not, the most important. This is because if their service is not good, a passenger's journey could be completely ruined. Whereas if there is a problem on-board, it could be insignificant to a passenger's journey, because of the great service that cabin crew provide.

Ultimately, cabin crew are the face of your brand. They show passengers what your brand stands for and what you believe in. From high quality service, across all classes, to love and care for younger passengers, cabin crew are the embodiment of everything within your brand.

They make the brand experience, meaning that what a passenger experiences with cabin crew, is what they usually remember about your brand. It could be something simple, such as a great smile, or something beyond, such as the great handling of an issue. This will stick in passengers' minds, more often than not, and be relayed to other customers, more often than not. Therefore it is important to leave a GOOD lasting impression on passengers, to ensure that the beauty of your brand is showcased through passenger accounts.

No matter how much money you spend on your cabin interior or exterior, the real memories will always come from the service that passengers were given.

Through their important role as the face of your brand, they can easily create brand loyalty. One good experience can make a passenger keen to come back for more, moreso if they have had a different experience with another airline. That passenger may also be more likely to upgrade their experience, as they have seen how well the brand performs.

Loyalty is a key topic for every company at the moment, with loyalty among younger consumers at an all-time low. Therefore, if something as simple as great service could mean repeat purchase and consistent benefit, it is important to get it right.

Cabin crew training is where it all begins. When cabin crew are trained in the best way, to be able to handle situations and service in the best manner, then there is very little that can cause complaints. For example, if you train your crew to deal with angry passengers in a cool, calm and responsible manner, angry passengers may easily calm down and may even have a better image of the airline. Whereas if the situation is dealt with in a confrontational and negative manner, it may cause the passenger to never to fly with your airline ever again. This is why it is important to keep refreshing customer service skills, to ensure that the brand is represented in the best way possible.

One thing that is important to also highlight is the great work that cabin crew do, every single day, every single flight. Their love and passion for their role can often be seen, with a genuine warmth about them and a beautiful smile on their faces. They deal with everything from drunk passengers, to ill passengers, to rude passengers, and yet, they often never disrespect the passengers or themselves. They remain positive and kind, working hard to ensure that all passengers have the best and most relaxing experience on-board.

Cabin crew are pretty amazing!

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