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Personalisation in economy class - How Qatar Airways does it

Passenger ExperiencePosted by Mubina 30 Sep, 2018 01:38AM

Personalisation is on everyone's lips at the moment, from retailers to airlines, all thinking about loyalty.

Personalisation is the latest in a marketer's arsenal to ensure they can retain more customers, for longer. The principle behind it is, the more you care about the customer and make them feel important to your brand, the more they will develop a deep love and connection with your brand. This ultimately will lead them to being more exclusive with their purchases, coming to you (a brand that value them) over the more generic brands, that don't value them as much.

Qatar Airways have really understood this and have already shown how they are doing this in-flight. I experienced it when I recently flew Qatar Airways, on an A319, from DAR (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) to DOH (Doha, Qatar).

I boarded the plane and as a Privilege Club member, my boarding pass was looked at and I was welcomed with the greeting "Welcome back, Miss Kadiri!" (This was also done for Avios members.) Although a seemingly small gesture, that can be easily done, it meant a lot. I felt very welcome onto the flight and felt special as I had been referred to by name and they had recognised that I was a returning member.

Bear in mind, this was just economy, so it gave me a sense of the Qatar Airways brand very quickly!

It didn't stop there!

Once all passengers were seated, a member of the crew came into the cabin with an iPad, which, I am guessing, had details of Privilege Club members. He went to members and spoke to them one on one, thanking them for flying with QA, speaking to them and also letting them know that the crew were happy to help. This reinforced brand values and brand again but also really showed to me the commitment and love that cabin crew have.

It was a great way to start the flight that set the tone for the entire journey!

Again, bear in mind that this was on an A319, so probably would not be able to be replicated easily on an A380 or a B777, for example. However the greeting, as passengers enter, can definitely be implemented easily.

Making passengers feel welcome, in all classes, says a lot about an airline, as it shows that they value their passengers. This then helps passengers build a more emotional attachment to the airline, which goes beyond the usual customer - service provider relationship. Emotions play a big part in decision-making and ultimately brands that win often have customers, that don't just like their products, but have a deeper emotional connection with their brand.

Personalisation is more important than ever before, with LCCs' growing popularity and a bigger strain on the global economy.

Make sure you win passengers' hearts, to win you loyalty!

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